Pragmasophia 2024

Pragmasophia 2024 (under construction)

Organized by

Alessandro Capone (University of Messina), Pietro Perconti (University of Messina), Igor Douven (Sorbonne University), and Domenica Bruni (University of Messina)

Themes and topics

This conference is about the intricate interplay between pragmatics and philosophy. We want to explore issues such as the impact of philosophy on pragmatics and the impact of pragmatics on philosophy (see Igor Douven’s paper on The Pragmatics of Belief in J. Pragmatics)

We are also interested in logic and pragmatics, epistemology and pragmatics, cognitive science, modality and discourse, legal interpretation, medical interviews, funeral rites, medical communication, police communication, the pragmatics of pidgins, Goffman’s notion of footing, conversation analysis, the pragmatics of aphasia, the pragmatics of autism, long-distance anaphora (e.g. the case of Chinese), poetics, pragmatics and fiction, critical discourse analysis, and intercultural communication. Our central objective is to facilitate dialogue among scholars from diverse backgrounds, encouraging the exploration of multifaceted approaches and theories. Furthermore, we encourage reflection on the profound societal challenges emerging from these multidisciplinary intersections.

Modal Particles and Pragmatics

We will dedicate the fourth day of the conference exclusively to modal particles under the session titled “Modal Particles and Pragmatics.” This study day is funded by the PRIN Project “Rethinking, Understanding Modal Particles” (CUP J53D23008360006). Professor Istvan Kecskes will preside over the session.

Scientific committee

The conference committee includes Istvan Kecskes, Wayne Davis, Antonino Pennisi, Kasia Jaszczolt, Fabrizio Macagno, Michael Devitt, Louise Cummings, Alessandra Falzone, Brian Butler, Eros Corazza, Pietro Perconti, Franco Lo Piparo, Howard Wettstein, Alessandra Giorgi, Alessandro Capone, Marco Carapezza, Roberto Graci and Igor Douven.

Key speakers (provisional)

  • Istvan Kecskes - State University of New York
  • Howard Wettstein (online) - University of California, Riverside
  • Fabrizio Macagno - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Kasia Jaszczolt - University of Cambridge
  • Wayne Davis (online) - Georgetown University
  • Igor Douven - Sorbonne University
  • Alessandra Giorgi - Ca' Foscari University of Venice
  • Giuliana Giusti - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Brian Butler - University of North Carolina, Asheville
  • Eros Corazza - Carleton University
  • Jock Wong - National University of Singapore
  • Mitchell Green (online) - University of Connecticut
  • Yael Sharvit - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Denis Delfitto - University of Verona
  • Robin Jeshion - University of Southern California
  • Michael Nelson – University of California, Riverside
  • Richard Warner - Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Paolo Leonardi - University of Bologna

Call for papers

We invite the submission of papers on the topics of conference. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended until March 30th 2024. Submission in ordinary sessions and the “Modal Particles and Pragmatics” session is made by sending a proposal to The submitted abstracts should be no more than 2 pages long (no more than 1000 words). Please specify name and title. The abstracts will be blinded by the editor for review. Notification of paper acceptance will take place by 10th April 2014.